Fab or FAIL: Testing Pinterest Hacks Pt. 1


We’ve all seen those amazing Pinterest hacks that seem too good to be true. I mean, could a bowl of ice water instantly cure a migaine? Can I make pretty labels for my kitchen using just plain old scotch tape? They all sound amazing and would save us tons of time and money but who has the time and energy to try these out without knowing if they’ll actually work? I’ve decided to put these life hacks to the test!


  1. Ice water for migraines


This is the orginal hack that I saw on Pinterest that gave me the idea to start testing other hacks. As I was brainstorming ideas for my next blog post, I developed the worst migraine. I searched Pinterest for a remedy (doesn’t everyone do this…?) and found this hack. According to Pinterest, if you have a bad migraine, soak your hands in a bowl of ice water. Open and close your hands a few times and your migraine will be gone! Sounds easy enough, right?


VERDICT: It worked for a few moments but came right back…


I was really bummed about this one because I suffer from chronic migraines and would love a natural remedy but this was not it. Moments after removing my hands from the ice bath, my migraine came back and was as painful as ever. And the worst part: not only did my head hurt, my hands hurt too!


  1. Removing permanent pen marks (hand sanitizer and tooth paste)


I’ve seen this hack pinned on Pinterest so many times! So it has to work, right? First I tried removing permanent pen marks from a shirt with hand sanitizer. I also decided to try removing permanent pen marks from the wall with toothpaste.


VERDICT: Yes to the toothpaste and a BIG no to the hand sanitizer.


I was very shocked with this one. I really thought the hand sanitizer was going to work but it did absolutely nothing! The mark was still extremely dark, I let the hand sanitizer soak on the shirt for a few minutes, and I washed it and still nothing! I was pleasantly surprised with the toothpaste! I started with the tiniest mark inside my closet (just in case it didn’t work) and I used my Colgate Optic White toothpaste and a cheap electric toothbrush and it worked! After a few moments of scrubbing, it came right off! No sign of the mark at all!! This is definitely one to remember!


  1. DIY pretty labels


I think I was the most excited about this one. I pinned this one recently and was dying to try it out! It seemed far-fetched to me but it works, it would be the cutest and easiest DIY for your kitchen! So what I did was I printed out what I wanted my label to say in a cute font. I cut it out to a smaller size and placed a strip of tape over the label. After trimming it a little, I placed it in a bowl of water and let it soak for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, I slowly scrapped off the paper backing and let it dry until the tape was sticky again.


VERDICT: Sadly, it didn’t work…


Everything went smoothly until I started removing the paper from the tape. As I peeled back the paper, the ink barely stained the tape! And if you rubbed it a little, the ink would wipe off completely! I tried a few more times (I soaked it longer, I used different tape, and I changed the font to a thicker/darker font) and it did the same thing every time! Super bummed about this one.


  1. Nail polish in the fridge


I found this pin randomly when I was looking at nail art. According to the pin, if I leave my nail polish in the fridge for 15 minutes, the nail polish will go on smoother. I didn’t think this made any sense at all. I’ve been to many different nail salons and I’ve never seen them refrigerate their nail polish…


VERDICT: I think it worked!


I’m not sure if I’m just hoping this worked or I subconsciously tried harder to paint my nails nicely, but I swear it works! The nail polish looked slightly thicker but it went on super smooth and I swear it dried faster! It could be my imagination on this one but if you have 15 minutes to spare, give it a try!

I hope you guys enjoyed this new series! There are so many fun Pinterest hacks to try and I’m excited to test them for you guys! Are there any pinterest hacks that you’ve wanted to try? Leave ideas in the comment section below so I can include them in Fab or Fail part two! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Fab or FAIL: Testing Pinterest Hacks Pt. 1

  1. confettiandbliss

    Thank you so much for sharing the verdict on commonly-seen Pinterest hacks. Now that I know it works, I’ll try putting my nail polish in the fridge before applying it.


  2. This is such a fun article. I’m sorry those DIY labels didn’t work, because that would be amazing! And now I know why I’ve seen people have their nail polish in the fridge. Mostly grandmas and aunts, so maybe that generation forgot to tell us why they do so? Haha great post!


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