My Travel Bucket List♡

It’s always been a big dream of mine to travel and see the world. I know one day i’ll be able to visit all of these places (and hopefully more) but for now, i’ll just keep dreaming and planning for the future! Here are the top 4 dream destinations on my travel bucket list♡



  1. South Korea


South Korea has been on the top of my travel bucket list for years. From the music (I love Kpop), to the amazing street foods, and the shopping, Seoul is definitely a dream destination for me. I love watching YouTube bloggers and one of my favorites is Simon and Martina (Eat Your Kimchi//Eat Your Sushi). They lived in South Korea for years and have tons of videos documenting life in Korea. After watching a few of their videos, you’ll be ready to book your flight! I’m so ready to try fresh warm hotteok (I make hotteok for my family all the time and it’s AMAZING! Maybe a future blog post?), explore Myeongdong’s shopping district, and visit as many cat cafes as possible!


2. Santorini, Greece



I’m pretty sure everyone has seen pictures of Santorini, Greece. The crystal clear water and the gorgeous white and blue buildings that surround the bay that just scream Santorini. Not only does Santorini look like a dream, its packed full of fun activities and once in a lifetime experiences that everyone should enjoy if you have the chance! A few things that i’m excited to do is see the Santorini sunset (google it, it’s perfect), do a wine tasting at the Santo Winery (sampling 18 different wines and cheeses sounds pretty amazing), and take a greek cooking class or two! This would definitely be a dream vacation!


3. Bora Bora




I grew up surrounded by gorgeous beaches my entire life so adding Bora Bora to my list of travel destinations is a little strange… but there’s a very good reason: the over water bungalows! These rooms are right over the water and have glass floors so you feel like you’re floating! You’re also surrounded by gorgeous mountains and crystal clear water. What’s not to love? Besides the obvious (snorkeling and swimming), you can enjoy unique shopping (tahitian pearls are a must), one of a kind spa experiences, and amazing seafood!


4. Japan



Japan is the number one destination on my travel bucket list. Remember the Youtube bloggers from South Korea that I mention before? After living in Korea for many years, they relocated to Japan! The have so many videos of life in Japan and they’re posting new ones every week. How can you not want to adventure through Tokyo, visit the Ghibli Museum (TOTORO!!!), eat delicious foods, ride the Shinkansen bullet train, go shopping at Harajuku’s Takeshita street, and adventure through the streets of Tokyo in go carts like in Super Mario!


Check out Simon and Martina on Youtube!

**Photos courtesy of Pexels

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