October Favorites♡

October is one of the busiest months for my family! Between Halloween, both of my kids birthdays, and holiday prepping, our schedule is jam-packed! So for the month of October, the theme for my monthly favorites is self-care. These are items that made my busy days a little easier and now I can’t live without them. There are six must haves for the month of October that you must try ASAP!

  1. The Mattifier Shine Control Perfecting Primer+Finisher By Estee Lauder

I’ve been a MAC Cosmetics addict since high school and I needed a change. After chatting with the sweetest Macy’s beauty department worker, I left with the most amazing foundation ever (more about this amazing foundation in a future blog post. This stuff is so amazing that she needs her own blog post) and a small free sample of the Mattifier Shine Control Perfecting Primer + Finisher. I should have known that this product was amazing because the worker threw in three small samples and said everyone needs this stuff. She wasn’t wrong! After scraping every last drop out of the sample container, I had to purchase the full size! Not only does it smell AMAZING, it helps keep my make in place and flawless all day. It’s great not having to worry about constantly fixing my makeup. The best part: I was finally able to downsize the amount of makeup I carry in my purse!

  1. C9 Champion Black 4” Boy Shorts

When gym is life, you need these shorts. These C9 Champion shorts aren’t only cheap ($16.99) they’re durable, and extremely comfortable! What I love most about these shorts is that they don’t stretch out (so pulling them up over and over again won’t be an issue), they’re not too thin (so you don’t have to worry when bending over or doing squats), and they make your butt look AMAZING! I own 5 pairs and I’ll definitely be adding more to my collection.

  1. Tory Burch Jelly Mini Millers

Tory Burch Millers are my go to sandals. I wear them so much that I have a permanent Tory Burch tan on my foot! In Hawai’i, fall/winter means one thing: RAIN. I love my Millers and didn’t want to ruin them as I trudge through the rain so I purchased the Tory Burch Jelly Mini Millers. No more soggy sandals or damaged Tory’s! I’ll be honest; nothing will ever replace the original Tory Burch Millers but when it’s raining outside, these are lifesavers.

  1. Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum

I love October but my hair is not a fan. Between the humidity and my busy schedule, my hair doesn’t get the love and attention that it deserves. I usually enjoy using hair masks and I (usually) never leave the house without deep conditioning, Moroccan oil, flat ironing, and styling. All of that went completely out the door this month! I picked up Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum from Target because my hair needed some major attention ( it was also less than $5 and it had good reviews!) After washing my hair in the morning, I put a little of the serum in my hands and run it through my hair. Best. Stuff. Ever. No more frizzy hair and my hair looks like I actual put in some effort! Definitely repurchasing!

  1. Michael Kors Jet Set Tote

When I say my schedule this month was hectic, I wasn’t exaggerating. I was constantly on the go from 4am until I went to bed at 11pm. From running errands to shopping for party supplies, I was rushing from place to place and had no time to stop at home. This meant packing up everything I needed before I left in the morning and making sure I didn’t forget anything. In the beginning I used multiple small bags and I would always forget things or I would only pack the essentials and need to make extra trips home for things I needed. Recently I switched back to the OG Michael Kors bag: The Michael Kors Jet Set Logo tote! This bag is a few years old and has been sitting in my closet for about two years! I’m pretty sure they don’t make this bag anymore but this thing is amazing! Its dual side pockets on the outside is perfect for quick access to your phone and there’s a zippered middle pocket that fits my Macbook Air perfectly! This bag does weigh a ton after I’m done filling it but it’s very sturdy and well built. You probably have this bag somewhere in your closet so go dust that thing off and give it some love!

  1. Dark Chocolate Chunk Kind Bar

Of course I had to add at least one snack to the list! There have been many occasions where I’m rushing around and have no time to grab breakfast or lunch. If you opened my purse or gym bag right now, you’d definitely find a few snack bars in case of an emergency. One of my absolute favorites is the Dark Chocolate Chunk Kind Bar. I’ve tried so many flavors of Kind bars as well as most of the snack bars offered at Target and these are one of the best. It’s not too sweet and they kind of remind me of a grown up version of a Chewy bar. I’m the self-proclaimed queen of snack bars so trust me when I say that these Kind bars are the best! You can thank me later.

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